Kanton Island has been identified as an important marine protection area and tourism destination for Kiribati. It has been identified by Rock Expeditions as a destination of world significance for the purposes of catch and release sport fishing activities. Rock Expeditions plans to operate 3 back-to-back expeditions to Kanton atoll facilitated by private charter, ex. Tarawa.

“Kanton Atoll remains as one of the last havens on earth with no regular and sustainable access, shielded from the modern world. This remoteness, coupled with official world heritage status, this atoll of Kiribati has one of the healthiest and most virgin ecosystem to still exist on this planet. Conversely, Kanton is at risk of modern man and the industrial world as global climate variables may determine the fate of this ultra-sensitive environment.”

Access to this jewel of the Pacific is subject to permission and permit only via the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA).

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