The Far East Exploratories consist of miles of pristine coral reefs, atolls, deep shoals, sand cays and flats. Exploration is made possible by a number of ‘wild’ camps’ situated on some of the world’s most remote islands. The region is defined by Long Reef in the west, Deboyne to the north, Great Sudest Barrier to the east and the Sunken Barrier in the south. Rossel and surrounds are also within our sights. We will continue to forge a new path into amazing and untouched locations. Our expeditions provide the opportunity for a small number of like-minded and adventurous anglers to experience this incredible location. The remoteness and isolation of the location demands that anglers are skilled and experienced in this form of fishing and are highly independent when it comes to managing their own tackle, rigging, comfort and safety in a wild environment. To complement the natural beauty of the area and to minimize the human footprint, expeditions will be conducted as a ‘wild reef camp’ format.

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