Experience a wild and raw journey to the "Frontiers" of Papua New Guinea.

To complement the natural beauty of PNG and to minimize our footprint - we conduct our expeditions in ‘wild reef camp’ format.

We believe that this is GT fishing done right.




Misima expeditions begin and finish at Misima Island airport in Milne Bay Province (with a brief technical stop in Alotau-Gurney). Misima is serviced by national flight carriers on a Monday, Wednesday & Saturday from the capital, Port Moresby (POM). You will be collected and returned to the airport by our staff on the denoted expedition dates. After you have been collected, you will be transferred to the expedition base by long boat. This can take approx. 1-2 hours and is dependent on local weather conditions.





Long Reef expeditions begin and finish at Alotau (Gurney Airport) in Milne Bay Province. Alotau is serviced by national flight carriers on a daily basis from the capital, Port Moresby (POM). You will be collected and returned to the airport by our staff on the denoted expedition dates.

After you have been collected, you will be transferred to the expedition base by long boat. This can take approx. 3-4 hours and is dependent on local weather conditions.


What To Expect

Rise as the sun starts to peak over the horizon and fill the sky with pink and orange hues. Breakfast, coffee and tea on the beach whilst you watch the surf zone for any likely signs of GT aggression.

Species Guide:

Napoleon Wrasse

Whilst we do not specifically target Napoleon Wrasse, this majestic creature can encountered by a lucky few whilst fishing this region. This species is strictly catch and release only.


We operate throughout the Milne Bay Region between October and March. This time of year provides the best combination of wind and maritime conditions. There is possibility for cyclone (tropical storm) in this latitude which can cause delays or even cancellation of a pending expedition. Please see below for important notes regarding insurance cover.

Generator will be available for charging of essential electronics only. Generator power is 230v AC single phase (12v/8a output) with Australian style input plug. Please ensure you bring only approved adapters with surge protection.

Local weather averages between 26°C (79f) to 32°C (90f) and is often calm and sunny. It is not uncommon to encounter rain squalls and short-lived thunderstorms. Winds average under 10 knots, however, we can experience rapid weather changes.


What to Expect

Daily Life


Fish all day or we can plan a quick sojourn (or rest) on an uninhabited island to break up the day. Fish until sunset or as desired. Our local cooks prepare traditional and basic western cuisine whilst you sit in front of the fire and watch the stars.

You can “team” up in pairs with your mates or you will be allocated to a fishing partner for your daily exploration fishing. Our vessels have a maximum limit of x2 anglers per 23ft vessel (3 anglers per vessel can be arranged on request only). You will be allocated a captain and deckhand – traditional ocean resource owners that live and breathe these special waters more than anyone else.

If you are attending as a solo angler or less than the minimum capacity (we will advise you), we will do our best to join you with a group. Please send us an email if you would like to join – we love to bring solo or odd-numbered anglers together!).


In the wild...

png-wild-reef-camps-sample-accommodation Our accommodation options are ever changing. This is because our expedition itineraries change regularly in order to rest existing grounds and trial new, unexplored zones.  The islands we utilize may have cosy, locally made huts located right on the beach or we will raise a “bare-bones” shelter to shield from the extremes. We do encourage our clients to make the most of the unpolluted environment and sleep on the beach under the stars. We do provide all clients with a basic sleeping mattress, insect net and other minor conveniences to assist with your expedition. Lodging is communal and best enjoyed in a team! Any accommodation required for layover or any purpose not during the expedition dates – are not included.

Bathroom facilities can be described as natural and rustic. Anglers are encouraged to go find the best view on the island (dig a hole) and washing up is made possible with rainwater tanks and well water. Please note that rainwater is not always available during drought conditions.

We recommend “Dr. Bronners Pure Castille Soap” which suds up in the salt and leaves you refreshed.


png-sportfishing-frontier-reefs-campAll meals and snacks are included once you arrive at the expedition base camp. Our cuisine can be described as basic yet traditional and hardy, utilizing locally caught and gathered PNG produce. Our produce consists of local seafood, rice, noodles and organic fruits and vegetables straight out of the gardens of the bountiful Milne Bay ranges. On occasion, we have access to fresh poultry and pork. Snacks include (yet not limited to) sweet cookies (biscuits), bananas and mangoes, savory crackers, candy and freshly baked cakes and pastry.

All bottled water is supplied for drinking purposes only. The island regions can go through extended periods of rain drought and we ask you to consider this when attending our expeditions. A limited inventory of Coke and Sprite soft drinks will also be available.

You may bring your own alcohol. Additional drinks can be arranged at extra cost to the customer with 30 days prior notice. Excessive intoxication will not be tolerated and may result in the cancellation of your expedition without refund or credit.

Please understand that we will endeavor to cater to special requests where possible. If you suffer from certain food allergies, these must be disclosed several months before your expedition.


Please download our expedition brochure for a comprehnsive guide to the Frontier Reefs.

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    December Exploration

    We are currently offering a wildcard 14 day expedition for diehards that want to explore never before fished reefs! Get in touch below.

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    Camp Life

    Light-material shorts and shirts are usually fine for sleeping and hanging around the camp (some may wish to bring a sheet or sleeping bag liner for warmth if they experience cold more than others).

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    Minimum Numbers

    We require a minimum of 6 anglers to operate an expedition. For groups, we require all deposits to be paid to confirm the whole reservation. We can operate with a maximum of 10 anglers.


We offer a 10 day expedition itinerary (including up to 8 day fishing):


    8 Fishing Days

    Camp/Local Accommodation

    Meals & Snacks

    Purified Bottled Water

    Soft Drink

    Fishing on max. capacity 2 angler vessel w/Captain & Deckhand

    Package is ex. nominated airport only (Misima)



    Accommodation (Layover or otherwise additional, cancellation)

    PNG Entry Permit

    Alcohol & Spirits

    Insurance (mandatory)




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