Explore the remote wilds with Rock Expeditions and the traditional resource owners of the land (and waterways).

Explore the wild jungle rivers and lost swamps of Papua New Guinea in search of the meanest freshwater fish on the planet. The Niugini Black Bass.


Fly, Strickland & Herbert


Water clarity and levels are extremely important when hunting Black Bass. Our 2019 season will focus on the “Three Rivers”, allowing for strategic movements along the waterway in pursuit of prime Bass habitat. Expeditions will rotate between origination points, Lake Murray and Obo. These ports are accessed by charter aircraft ex. Kiunga. Note: water conditions rule supreme, therefore, it is not implicit that all three systems will be fished in a given expedition.





Be prepared to take control of your own adventure and embark on a journey to capture (and release) this legendary species.

To complement the natural beauty of the area and to minimize the human footprint, we establish camps constructed of local materials and utilise traditional style dwellings.

As a result, we are only able to accept anglers who are of good health and physical condition whom are welcoming of a wild and immersive experiece. This is the best way to appreciate the natural beauty of the Western Province.



Ideal for small intimate groups or solo anglers looking for their next adventure...

Location Guide

Western Province

Extended rain periods can be common. We advise anglers to pack adequate rain jacket and long-sleeve clothing for protection from the elements. Malaria and other insect-transmitted diseases exist in Western Province. We strongly recommend heavy fabric weights to minimise exposure. Please refer to important medical notes found in the expedition documentation.


Camps located near lakes and large swamps can become cool at night, requiring a light sheet or wearing full coverage clothing.

Some parts of the Fly River and Lake Murray have 3G cellular coverage. It can be intermittent with periods of extended network failure.

If you are attending as a solo angler or less than the minimum capacity (we will advise you), we will do our best to join you with a group.




Western Blackwater expeditions are 10 days in duration, featuring up to 8 fishing days. Fishing days can be dependent on many variables such as water conditions and weather. Days will be spent investigating river tributaries, swamps and lagoons where crew will facilitate drifts via paddle and pole or at anchor. Anglers rise at 5:00am for a quick breakfast and commence fishing/travel by first light.

Angling methodologies are focused on casting and fly-fishing techniques. Whilst trolling is not the focus of our campaigns, you are free to do so at your own will. Hard-work, perseverance & luck is essential for pursuing the Black Bass!

Our vessels provide comfortable angling for x2 anglers per 23ft vessel with raised casting platform (3 anglers per vessel can be arranged on special request only). You will be allocated a guide and deckhand. Boats are fitted with Lowrance depth finder and side-scan.


Traditional & Ad-Hoc Exploration Base Camps


Our accommodation options are ever changing. This is because our expedition itineraries change regularly in order to rest existing grounds and trial new, unexplored zones. Accommodation can range from traditionally built huts to rudimentary houses built from local timbers and materials. A majority of our accommodation locations are on the actual fishing grounds. We do provide all anglers with sleeping mattress, insect net and other minor conveniences to assist with your expedition. Lodging is communal and best enjoyed in a team!

Bathroom facilities can be described as natural and rustic. Basic bush toilets are available in some locations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there may be times where insects can be present in large numbers. In this scenario, refuge will only be available in your insect net, full coverage clothing and repellent (your preventative medication is critical).


Keep it in the Community


All meals are provided, featuring traditional PNG style and western influenced cuisine. Protein consists of fresh caught Barramundi and red meats such as Rusa Deer and Wallaby. Meals are basic yet hearty. Bottled water, fruits and high-energy snacks will be provided. Alcohol and soft drink (soda) is not included, however, can be arranged for a fee.


Please download our expedition brochure for a comprehnsive guide.

  • 01.

    Charging Devies & Batteries

    Generator power is 230v AC single phase (12v/8a output) with Australian style input plug. Please ensure you bring only approved adapters with surge protection.

  • 02.

    International Flights

    By far the most reliable routes to access PNG is via Australia (ex. Brisbane or Cairns). Services are available daily.

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    Local weather averages between 26°C (79f) to 32°C (90f).


We offer 10 day expeditions from June to August.

  • 10 Day Expedition

    8 Fishing Days

    Fishing on max. capacity 2 angler vessel w/Captain & Deckhand

    Return Charter Flight ex. Kiunga

    Camp/Local Accommodation

    Meals & Snacks

    Purified Bottled Water

    Soft Drink

    Package is ex. nominated airport only (Lake Murray / Obo)



    Accommodation (Layover or otherwise additional, cancellation)

    PNG Entry Permit

    Alcohol & Spirits

    Insurance (mandatory)




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