Giant Trevally Reef Camps Schedule 2021

New schedule release for GT Reef Camps at Papua New Guinea. Want to join us in 2020/21 and beyond? Read more here. Rock Expeditions specialises in remote Giant Trevally fishing, Dogtooth Tuna jigging and fly-fishing across the Indo-Pacific.

(Exp 1 2020) December 1st to December 10th 2020
(Exp 2 2020) December 10th to December 19th 2020
(Exp 3 2021) January 21st to January 30th 2021
(Exp 4 2021) February 2nd to February 11th 2021
(Exp 5 2021) February 11th to February 20th 2021
(Exp 6 2021) February 23rd to March 4th 2021
(Exp 7 2021) March 9th to March 18th 2021

Note: all expeditions originate from Misima Island Airport in Milne Bay Province. Flights not included, please see expedition documentation and terms for final inclusions/exclusions.

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